How to Become an Acquirer

Faster Settlement,  Set your own Risk Policy, Onboard Merchants Without Delays.

For ISOs and PayFacs, the frustration of being dependant on acquing banks often leads to the question, “How can I become an acquirer so I can issue my own merchant accounts?”

With an acquiring license and principal card scheme memberships, you can settle merchants directly and get to determine your own risk appetite. There will no longer be the need to pitch merchants through another firm’s onboarding process and chase their onboarding team for approval… or even for a declined response.

If you want to be a merchant acquirer, Authoripay can help by getting you your own card scheme memberships. We have helped many of Europe’s most well-known card issuers and acquirers to take their product in-house,  increase their profitablity and lower reliance on underperforming partners. We help you put together an application to the card schemes, that will be approved – and we guarantee it.

Acquiring Licence AuthoriPay

AuthoriPay also know, when it comes to acquiring, acceptance is everything. So why not let us expand your acceptance with principal memberships for:

  • NVisa
  • NMastercard
  • NDiscover
  • NJCB
  • NUnion Pay International (UPI)
  • NAmerican Express

AuthoriPay have built up a robust network of scheme partners to help you expand your payment acceptance to cardholders venturing in from outside Europe. Whether you’re a travel and tourism focused business or a high street merchant, you can’t afford to miss out on the additional market base the more exotic card schemes provide.

Most firms find applying for a single scheme license to be daunting and unmanageable, let alone five. But AuthoriPay can take out the stress by:

  • NOutlining your individual business case per scheme
  • NWorking with you on your approach to merchant risk
  • NLeading you through BIN and settlement implementation
  • NSubmitting the full application for each membership request
  • NProviding financial modelling for fees and interchange
Acquiring Licence AuthoriPay

It doesn’t matter if your merchants are UK based or positioned across the full European Economic Area, AuthoriPay provide a step by step guide to navigating the card schemes and will help you through the entire processes of arranging settlement accounts and certifying your technology.

If you are looking to develop your existing acquiring services, or if you are just starting out, we’d make the perfect partner for you.

Just call or email AuthoriPay to start your card scheme journey today, or navigate the links below to find out more.

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