Ultrafast Licences 

Become a PSD or EMD agent in a matter of weeks 

Sometimes referred to as appointed representative or a sub-licence

AuthoriPay has a trusted network of licence holders who are willing to appoint agents subject to due dillegence and supervision of your operations and AML controls. What this means is that you get the guidance and the legal permission to operate a payments business and your company will appear on the FCA register as either a Payment Service Directive (PSD) Agent or an Electronic Money Directive (EMD) agent with your assoicated permissions. 

We can offer guidance to create and implement critical policies so you have an up to date Anti-Money Laundering document and your firm, directors and senior managers can benefit from our experience and best industry practices. It’s not simply a case of writing a practical policy document,  but in implementing it and ensuring all staff are adhering to it. We are experienced at training and auditing teams to ensure the controls in place meet with regulatory approval.

Not only can you use this option as a stopgap whilst you obtain your own licence, but sometimes you can also operate as a PSD agent or EMD agent indefinitely. 

Typical FCA fees and waiting times (estimates based on experience as at 22nd January 2020)


Application approval time 

£ '00s

Application fee (non-refundable) 


Time for case officer to be assigned 


Probability of success  

AuthoriPay fees and waiting times  


Application  approval time 

£ '00s

Application fee (refundable) 


Time for case officer to be assigned 


Probability of success


Ultra fast track licenses AuthoriPay
Ultra fast track licenses AuthoriPay

Benefits over becoming directly FCA authorised: 


  • A shorter and simpler application form for PSD and EMD agents  
  • Setup costs are cheaper than the FCA application fee 
  • Timeframes are much shorter,  less waiting around and stalling your plans 
  • Our FCA compliance consultants can assist you with your own application should you subsequently decide on it 
  • Applying for FCA authorisation is likely to be more successful in the future due to your documented track record 
  • FCA compliance training and support is included  
  • Gabriel reporting is taken care of for you as a PSD or EMD agent 
  • No additional FCA authorisation fees (as well as the application fee, the FCA has annual charges for payment firms) 
  • You can avoid hiring extra staff to handle the FCA reporting burden 
  • A great option during times of uncertainty such as Brexit  
  • The perfect option for startup payment firms who lack a track record and are impatient to test the water 

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