Become an Independent ATM Deployer

Cash-as-a-service is a high profit, niche industry where a single ATM estate can provide excellent revenue opportunities. Independent ATM Deployers (IADs)  have edged out the high street banks as they continue to develop their business in consumer-focused sites like convenience stores, casinos and travel points.

Despite the valid perception of an increasingly cashless society, there are still over 2 billion cash withdrawals via ATMs annually.  With an average transaction value of £72 – that’s £150 billion total cash withdrawn annually in the UK.   With AuthoriPay’s expertise and experience, your own cash disbursement license can be obtained in a matter of months.

An IAD will need to obtain either BIN Sponsorship from a principal card scheme member or apply to one or more of the schemes for membership.  Becoming a principal member of a card scheme not only gets you away from all the overheads of a scheme sponsor, but gives you the freedom to run your estate as you see fit with next day access to the cash settlement.

ATM Deployment AuthoriPay

AuthoriPay can help you expand your ATM acceptance with ATM BIN Sponsorship or principal memberships for:

  • NVisa
  • NMastercard
  • NDiscover
  • NJCB
  • NUnion Pay International (UPI)

Tapping into these exotic card schemes is a must have for any ATM estate. So, where firms find applying for a single scheme license to be too challenging, let AuthoriPay take the lead and get you five.

As experts in cash disbursement regulation, we can help you grow your business across the UK and European Economic Area, develop your own dynamic currency conversion model and give you everything you need to bring your cash disbursement business in-house. If you need an ATM BIN Sponsor we determine the most appropriate partner depending on your jurisdiction and your goals.

If you’re ready to take control of your own ATM estate, contact AuthoriPay to see how we can help.

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