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Applying for Visa or Mastercard principal membership can take 3-6 months, even with the help of experts.  Then launching your prepaid or debit card issuing product can take a further 2-3 months.  Because of this, companies who are impatient to reach the market will often elect to work with a BIN Sponsor. Having decided that BIN Sponsorship is the best option, how do you know which is the ideal partner for your card issuing program?  Can they cover your intended territories,  should you select Visa or Mastercard or one of the more exotic schemes?  Do they handle the card manufacture and the transaction processing? Must you be regulated by the FCA before you launch?

The myriad of questions around BIN Sponsorship and the variety of options can leave your head spinning. Luckily, we bring clarity on all these confusing issues and tailor a solution that matches your plans at the lowest possible cost. Because a BIN sponsor is an established, licensed entity,  you get to skip all the technical and regulatory setup that can delay your launch and cost you a fortune. Whether it’s Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX or China Union Pay and whether a prepaid card, debit card or credit card,  we’ve got you covered.

So, why not use an established principal member to sponsor your product. That way, you get to test the water, without breaking the bank. BIN Sponsorship is a great time-saving method which our clients often find is the perfect launchpad. It’s a well-established route successfully used by many of the most recognisable names in the market.

It can take months or years to learn the specialities of different BIN Sponsors in the UK, Europe and beyond.  While some have a product focus on consumer or corporate spending, others have broken away from a UK presence to issue across the full European Economic Area. Whatever your product, AuthoriPay can outline the pros and cons of our different solutions,  allowing you to choose the ideal fit your prepaid or debit card program.

So, whether you’re starting from scratch or already a regulated firm, AuthoriPay will either give you an exceptional BIN Sponsorship solution or help you to build your own license application. You can read more on related topics at the links below or simply give us a call to talk it over. It’s time to let the experts guide you with a FREE one hour consulation – no strings attached.

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